Sunday, 25 October 2015

Baeza Town Hall and the Antiguas Carnicerias, Baeza

In Baeza the sights begin with the Town Hall (Plateresque), a National Monument which is located down Calle Gaspar Becerra, a street off to the right of the Paseo de la Constitución. Making your way back to the afore-mentioned Paseo,  a left turn at the end of it will find you immediately in the Plaza del Pópulo. 

The most impressive building in the square is the Antiguas Carnicerías (16th century, although it was actually moved brick by brick from its original position in Calle Atarazanas in 1962/63), where the local law courts are now housed.

Antiguas Carnicerias in Baeza

Friday, 2 October 2015

Baeza, Spain

The old town in Baeza is far more compact than in Úbeda. However, before exploring it, ttere's a lovely short walk to be had from the Plaza de España, heading along the Paseo de la Constitución. The monuments will come later, but here’s a chance to sample life in an Andalusian town. This is really the nerve centre of Baeza society. Bars with terraces for a coffee abound under the archways, while the pedestrianised central area is where pensioners stroll and kids play. If you’re lucky, the bandstand might even be in use.